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Hello Mr. Livejournal.  Remember me?

Probably not.

New job is going really well.  The material is really, really, really dry, but I am mustering though.  Not without complaining of course.  The workplace itself is awesome.  I am really happy that I made the move and I know that I will get the hang of all this financial planning stuff eventually.  They keep saying that the learning curve is steep, and it sure is.  I am starting to make connections and things are clicking, which my co-workers and boss say is impressive.  Woo.  I just have to start drinking more tea to stay awake.  The status of my fellow trainee is at this point unknown, I will know more tomorrow if he shows up.  Ah well, makes me look like a real champ. :P

This month has been very busy. Here's your quick run down:
  • January 1 - Liz went back to Montreal.  Tears ensued; Harvey's was not had by all.
  • January 2 - Started new job.  Everything was ready and waiting for me, shock ensues.
  • January 3-5 - Training galore.  Find out that people actually DO work Monday-Friday, 9-5!
  • January 6/7- Experiencing my first regular weekend off!   Ok it is a novelty for me!
  • January 8 - Crazy shiznit goes down at my old workplace.  Firings/quittings ensue, deluge of e-mail begins!
  • January 8-12 -Soccer (beej), training, illness, beej hurts his back, more training
  • January 13/14 - Second regular weekend off.  Is this really what normal people feel like? Christmas decorations finally taken down.  Hockey skates are purchased, as are fancy new shoes for walking!
  • January 15-19 - Soccer (beej), training, PanAm pool/whatever it is called for track walking.
  • January 20/21 - Tragically Hip concert is better than I had expected, general weekend shenanigans.
  • January 22-26 - Training etc, wash, rinse, repeat.
  • January 27/28 - WEEKEND.  I am getting the hang of this weekend thing!  Watched the show Ed's Up on OLN and saw my Uncles Karl and Martin showing Ed Robertson (of Barenaked Ladies fame) a thing or two about welding.  Pretty cool!  They're really... straightforward guys, and apparently they swear a lot.  Ah well, Ed swore right back at them!  It will be on again on Wednesday as far as I can tell. Liz says I have to record it, so I will.
Watching a lot of the movies we got for Christmas (bold = watched; italics = not finished; regular = not started):
  • Ali G Show: Da Compleet Seeriez
  • Firefly
  • Serenity
  • Clerks II
  • V for Vendetta
  • Follow that Bird
  • Hook
  • Complete School House Rock Series
  • Ferris Bueller's Day Off
  • Empire Records
  • Corner Gas Season 3
Someday I will make a list of all the movies we own.  It'll be a lengthy one.  I took photos and made a list of all my Lush stuff.  I have a lot, A LOT. I may even be too embarrassed to post the photo.  LOL. At least it is a clean addiction?

That's about it I think.  We're going to try to go to the gym/track at least once a week, and we plan to skate this week as well.  My mum thinks I need a helmet, she is likely right.  I'm looking forward to it.  More training rounds out this week and next, and then I am supposedly ready to handle the real thing.  Eeek! 

I skipped soccer tonight, so I should likely head to bed soon.  Perhaps I will update again soon? Je ne sais pas!

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VERY glad to hear you made the move. I'm actually kind of sorry I ever got you mixed up in the Fan, it stressed you out a lot more than was necessary. What kind of crazy shenanigans are going on there now?

LOL, I'm not sorry, there's no need for you to be either.

I do not regret working there at all. :) As for the goings on, it's probably more polite if I do not elaborate on here, protected post or otherwise.

Glad things are well in your neck of the woods.

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