Well you should see Polythene Pam

or something...

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Inspired by Julie?
1) Answer the questions and type into google image search
2) Post pictures from first results page

Age at next birthday

Place you'd like to visit

Favourite Place

Favourite object

Favourite Food

Favourite Animal

Favourite Colour

Place you were born

Place where you live

Name of past pet

Best friend's nickname

Your nickname

Your middle name

A bad habit of yours

Your first job (only one of two photos that appered that weren't porn...)

Your grandmother's name (sorry...)

Favourite holiday

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Blame google!

The bench is what came up when I searched for couch.

The astronauts with quality meat products are what comes up when you search for Lamby (my toy lamb I was given at birth)... apparently the little one that looks like Burton Cummings is Lamby. His friend is Beefy.

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